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Professional Development

The ability to learn is an essential component of building and maintaining a career. The mentee may already know a lot about training and professional development in their field. The most effective discussions within the mentoring relationship will likely focus on what professional development means for the mentee. Based on the career goals established, identify gaps in knowledge and discuss professional development opportunities that the mentee can pursue such as certifications, courses and appropriate skills development to help them reach their career goals.

The amount of time you spend on this topic will vary depending on whether or not the mentee has decided to change or develop his or her career goals. A change in direction may require learning about training and professional development opportunities in the new field.

Together you can 
  • discuss the importance of professional development in your field and for the mentee personally.
  • talk about what employers value.
  • explore options for specific professional development areas relevant to the mentee’s goals.
  • create an action plan.