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Strategy for Next Steps

Some mentees will make a smooth transition into their field of choice, some will take a longer route and others will embark on a new direction. The mentoring relationship can provide insight, strategies and support for what follows.

Together you can
  • differentiate between short and long-term career goals.
  • identify steps that can be taken to reach these goals and assign milestones; for example, volunteer work, certification, courses.
  • strategize how to overcome challenges and barriers.
  • plan the transition period between careers; for example, working at one job while taking courses to prepare for another.
  • discuss each of your own career paths to-date. Were they linear? If not, how did you make the transition from one to another?
  • refer back to sections of the online Handbook such as Researching your field. Come up with decision-making criteria. For example, what tradeoffs between earnings and career potential can the mentee accept? Or how would one know if a job is a good Career move or career-killer?
  • analyze jobs opportunities to identify their future potential and not only the immediate benefits.