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Your Last Meeting and Beyond

Closures are important moments in our lives: take the time to acknowledge and celebrate your journey together.
  • Review your work of the last few months: What was your most memorable experience and why? What have each of you learned?
  • Talk a bit about the future: What will the mentee’s next steps be? Any parting words of advice from the mentor?
  • Thank each other and acknowledge your partner’s contribution.
Your last meeting may take different forms; for example, your mentoring relationship may not last the full four months because the mentee may have already found a job. In this case, it is important to at least follow up with a phone call to signal the end of your formal relationship.

Your last meeting is not the end of your involvement in the program.
  • Make sure to complete the evaluation form that will be sent to you electronically.
  • Mentees have the option to stay in touch with the coach and get further support in their job search.
  • Mentors have the option to stay involved and volunteer to be matched again.
Whether you will stay in touch with each other is up to you. You may want to maintain your relationship; however, remember that there is no ongoing obligation to offer or receive support after your formal mentoring relationship is over.