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Job Search Skills
Approaches to looking for work may vary greatly from one country to another. Mentees come with strong professional backgrounds and knowledge of how to secure employment in their country of origin, but may face new challenges in Canada because they are unaware of the nuances of seeking employment here. And not only does every place have its own work search norms; each profession or sector also has its own local job search culture and practices.

Mentors can offer extremely valuable support in this area, especially if they think carefully about the things they may take for granted about conducting an effective job search in their field in Canada. For example, mentors should not assume that mentees know the importance of networking or which job boards or recruiters are the appropriate ones for their occupation. The mentoring relationship is an excellent opportunity to share information specific to looking for a job in their field.

In this section you will find information on the following topics:
    •    Researching your field
    •    Networking
    •    Resumes and cover letters
    •    Interview preparation