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Resumes and Cover Letters

Resumés and cover letters

Resumes and cover letters are essential job search documents that can always use extra attention and review. The ways in which people look for work and present their skills and qualifications differ greatly from one culture to the next, even from one profession to another.

As you work together, you will be able to fine-tune the mentee’s resume and cover letter, so that they are customized for each job application. This is an invaluable benefit of your relationship.

You should not have to cover the “basics” of writing resumes and cover letters during your mentoring relationship. These have been addressed already in the general job search training and support mentees receive prior to being referred to this program. Focus instead on business writing and the appropriateness of the resume to a specific job and profession. Contact the mentoring coach if you find that some basic knowledge has to be refreshed.

Together you can
  • decide on which aspects of the mentee’s resume and cover letter need revising.
  • talk about how to handle revisions and the importance of an effective resume.
  • work on customizing and targeting resumes and cover letters to specific job applications.