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The Mentoring Handbook offers you access to resources compiled to support mentors and mentees. It offers ideas, tools and helpful tips that you may find useful in your mentoring journey and is based on the advice and experience of our mentors, mentees, mentoring coaches and corporate partner coordinators.

The resources in this website have been grouped under four main sections: Getting Ready, Job Search Skills, Workplace Culture and Career Development. Resources (e.g. tools, worksheets, and useful web links) that are relevant to a section are presented on the right hand side of the page as links to external websites or downloadable documents. The main Library section contains all resources that appear across the four main sections of the website.

This website is updated regularly so mentors and mentees can benefit from timely information. Please visit the website often and feel free to share these resources with others who might benefit from them. We are endeavouring to provide a comprehensive compilation of helpful resources. If you wish to share a resource(s) for the site, or have other suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us: mentoring@triec.ca

Thank you for your participation in The Mentoring Partnership.

We wish you a fulfilling and productive mentoring experience.